The Ahlstrom Family, Littleton

The Ahlstrom Family has been taking our four-legged family members to Canyon View Animal Hospital for years.

Dr. Paula and Dr. Jen are very caring, knowledgeable, compassionate and loving pet care providers.  They know each of our family members by name and they knew our pets names, also remembering past issues with each pet without referring to that pets chart.  They really seem to care about animals, it is not just a job for them.  You do not feel rushed during your appointment, they take the time to talk to you about all of your concerns with your pet.  Canyon View will send you reminders for all of your pets future check-ups and shots required.

Their staff has the same attitude about animals and other people’s pets.  Most of their staff has been with them since they opened, which says a great deal.  I know most Vet offices have a high turnover of Vet Techs and Staff.  Support staff at Canyon View is professional, helpful, cheerful and dedicated.



This team at Canyon View have treated many various types of our pets over the years: Bunnies, rare Blue Rat, Sun Conure, at least 5 dogs and our newly saved, off the street, Kitty.  When our senior dogs could not get up on the exam table, they get on the floor to take care of them.  If they cannot treat your pet, they will refer you to a specialist, such as for cancer.  In our case, they, along with the specialist, gave us 4 more years with our little Miss Rue after her cancer treatment.  Our little bunny Spots was ill and needed surgery.  During surgery, he stopped breathing and Dr. Paula and her Vet Tech each gave him mouth to mouth for a very long time, and were just as devastated losing him as we were.

These two wonderful Vets have kept pets that people don’t want anymore, provided needed health care, at their expense, and then try to find them good forever homes.  This is an animal care facility filled with love, hope and lots of smiles and laughs.


I feel confident that my four legged family members are getting the best of care at Canyon View Animal Hospital.  I am also confident in the guidance they provide helping us take care of our pets at home.  I am proud to call Dr. Paula and Dr. Jen – friends, not just my pet’s Veterinarian’s.


The Ahlstrom Family


Steven, Sandi, Adam and Jazz, Ashley, Sunny and Midori



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